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Oil and Gas Decline: A Time to Strengthen Our Democracy

Higher energy prices, drilling for oil in pristine natural areas, and attempting to revive nuclear power are all outgrowths of the same phenomenon: oil and gas decline.It had to happen sometime – we’ve been hooked on powerful but finite energy resources for more than a hundred years now!

The great promise of solving the energy challenges we face is that if we go about it thoughtfully, with a careful eye towards ensuring that the new energy systems we build are not – and cannot be controlled by the few, then we have a chance of restoring democracy in America.

News Stories:
Protests Over High Fuel Costs Continue in Europe
Senate To Debate Lieberman-Warner Carbon Cap-And-Trade Bill
Santa Fe Group Creates Citizens' Energy Board

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A Call for an Energy Democracy

What do we hope to see in our energy future? The vision of "low carbon" energy has led to some bizarre results: Giant new transmission corridors to carry distant wind resources, and a resurgence of nuclear power. But by changing the vision to one of re-empowerment of people -- an energy deomocracy -- we instead strengthen communities.

News Stories:
Propane Now 50 Percent More Expensive Than Last Year
Toshiba Signs Deal for Nuclear Power in U.S.
Barack Obama on Nuclear Energy

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