Understanding Peak Oil

This is an excerpt of a talk I gave at Quivira Coaltion's Annual Conference in 2004. It's only 9-1/2 minutes long, so it's a quick way to get familiar with the concepts of resource quality degradation and peak oil.


Mark Sardella at New World Biomass Conference


I will be speaking at 1:15 p.m. on Monday, April 21st at the New World Biomass Conference in Albuquerque. My talk is entitled "Policies for Stimulating Rural Economies with Biomass", and my slides are available here.


Santa Fe Considers Local Power Authority


At the Green Business Networking meeting this morning, Bill Althouse gave a presentation on the reasons Santa Fe should consider creating a local electric utility. A lively discussion followed, and many members of the group expressed an interest in following the effort.

Santa Fe County Commissioner Paul Campos and City Councilor Chris Calvert have drafted a resolution to study the issue, which is posted here. (13kB PDF file)

The nonprofit Local Energy, which I chair, created this Local Energy News website to serve as the central communication point for this effort, and to follow similar energy localization efforts throughout the world. The new site is intended to be a clearinghouse for information on best practices for creating local energy systems that provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to communities.

Until I get the email sign-up and subscription featues of the new site working, please sign up to the email list for, and I will add your names to this site's list  shortly.

Thanks for your interest and support of community-based energy!

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